Webmaster Services

Please, don't call this hosting! Hosting is a cheap commodity service; webmastering (as we define it, anyway) is much more hands-on, conscientious, and proactive.

The difference between the two is roughly the difference between renting a unit in a self-storage facility and renting an apartment in your landlord's building: In the latter case, you know the hallways will be clean and well-lighted, and that the pipes will stay warm in the winter. (And in the former case... well, you can keep your stuff there.)

If you have an existing site, we'll move it to our server, where you'll derive the benefits of multiple levels of monitoring: our own, other UBS clients', and the support team at our hosting vendor.

We'll let you focus on your business by updating your pages: Adding, modifying, and deleting content upon your instructions. We guarantee turnaround within one business day for typical tasks, although most don't even take that long.

We'll review your traffic logs and reports. We'll make technical adjustments to improve your site's performance, and alert you to other changes that you might consider making.