Jane Heeckt

The daughter of the children of the children of immigrants, Jane fulfilled her family's dreams of middle-class respectability when, in 1989, she began working at one of the country's best-known legal publishers. Since then she has worked in various capacities in both book and magazine publishing, in the legal profession, and for two of America's finest financial service companies.

For Jane, it all comes down to information. "No matter what its form, whether a paragraph of text or an entry in a database; no matter how it's presented, whether a short caption or a 30-page full-color presentation. My calling is to make any information that passes through my hands more clear, more concise, and more logical."

In her spare time Jane likes collecting vintage handkerchiefs and trying to figure out all of the lyrics to "Rock the Casbah" without resorting to a lyric sheet.

And she doesn't like writing her own bios.